18 Ways To Improve Your Site In 10 Minutes

18 Ways To Improve Your Site In 10 Minutes
July 4, 2011 admin

Link your logo

Link you logo to your homepage. Sounds simple enough but it will save time for your users.

Make links obvious:

It’s a quick job to style them so they contrast against regular body copy.

Make text readable:

Make it easy on your readers let your text breathe by using line height and space. It’s ok to increasing your font size, and don’t try to keep everything “above the fold”.

404 page:

Use your 404 page to explain what a 404 error is and point people to your site map or homepage.  It’s always good to include a site search option.

Contact Option:

Sounds simple, but if there is no way to contact you, your going miss key communications.

Check headers:

Check all your pages and make use of H1, H2 and H3 tags.  These should contain your main keywords.

Link from your copy:

Add links within the body of your text to relevant pages on your website.

Get some Feedback:

I know, I know, your sites the best thing since sliced bread.  Get a few people to make suggestions about your site. It’s easy to be blind to mistakes on your own website.

Browsers Compatibility:

It’s a reality we all have to come to terms with, a website will never look or work the same in all browser (i.e., IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox).  Check your websites design and functionality from as many browsers and computers as you can get your hands on.

Give direction:

Don’t overwhelm users on your home page, your homepage isn’t an ‘about’ page. Keep it organized and give visitors a reason to click around.

Let the user be in control:

Avoid popups, resizers and all those annoying things. It’s the users browser, not yours. Most popups can simply be placed on a new page.

Include a Non-Flash Option:

That tricked out website your so proud of isn’t going to do you much good if people can’t see it.  Like it or not most your consumer base will either own and Ipad or Iphone, neither of which can run Flash.   Either keep flash off your website or give people the option to view it in HTML.


Read your opening paragraph. If it doesn’t engage you then rewrite it.


If you use too much jargon, replace as many instances as you can with clear wording. Jargon doesn’t help anyone.

Don’t overdo it:

People don’t have all day. Put key information in succinct paragraphs on the page.


Check that you can access all the key pages of your site as a first time user. You may need a volunteer or two to test this theory.

Be nice:

Answer a question on a forum about your speciality. You’ll gain a friend and some respect. Credibility = traffic.

Use Social Media:

Make good use of Social Media applications like Facebook. People may be looking for your services via these channels.