Branding Style Guides from Around The World

Branding Style Guides from Around The World
August 24, 2015 admin

This is heading directly into geek territory. But we are self-confessed geeks, particularly when it comes to all things print and design. When you need complete uniformity in style and formatting for all your branded materials, i.e., marketing, letterheads and packaging, your best tool is a branding style guide or identity design guide or a style guide or… well, call it what you want.
The Executionist but it best, explaining “A brand style guide is the primary visual DNA of your company’s branding, though it can also reference grammar, tone, word usage and point of view. Essentially, it’s a document that describes, defines and presents examples of what your brand looks like in various visual media such as print, Internet and broadcast.”


Enough of the geek talk, take a look for yourself at this list of branding style guides from around the world. We’ve highlighted some of our favorites, which are particularly meticulous.

  1. Adobe corporate brand guidelines (PDF)
  2. Alberta corporate identity manual
  3. Android brand guidelines
  4. Apple identity guidelines (PDF)
  5. Argento brand identity and style guide (PDF)
  6. Barbican identity guidelines (old)
  7. Bath Spa University brand guidelines
  8. Berkeley brand identity
  9. Best Buy brand identity
  10. Boston University brand identity standards
  11. Boy Scouts of America brand identity guide (PDF)
  12. British Council brand website (registration required)
  13. British Rail corporate identity manual
  14. Canadian National Railway Company visual identity guidelines (PDF)
  15. Carnegie Mellon brand guidelines
  16. Channel 4 identity style guides
  17. Christopher Doyle identity guidelines
  18. Cisco logo usage and guidelines
  19. Code for America website style guide
  20. Columbia University visual identity (PDF)
  21. Cornell University brand book
  22. Dropbox logos and branding
  23. Duke University style guide
  24. easyGroup brand manual (PDF)
  25. Edinburgh Council brand guidelines (PDF)
  26. Esso Imperial Oil quick reference guide (PDF)
  27. Facebook brand assets
  28. Good Technology brand identity guide
  29. Google visual assets guidelines
  30. GOV.UK elements
  31. Haas School of Business style guide
  32. Heineken visual identity
  33. IEEE brand identity guidelines
  34. Jamie Oliver FRV brand guidelines
  35. Kew Royal Botanic Gardens brand guidelines
  36. Liberty University brand identity policy
  37. Lloyd’s brand guidelines (PDF)
  38. Macmillan identity guide
  39. MailChimp brand assets
  40. MasterCard brand center
  41. Microsoft corporate logo guidelines
  42. Mississauga’s Brand Story
  43. Mozilla Firefox branding
  44. NAMI identity guidelines
  45. NASA graphics standards manual (mid 1970s)
  46. National University of Singapore identity
  47. New York University identity and style guide
  48. New York City Transit Authority identity and style guide
  49. NHS brand guidelines
  50. NYU-Poly identity style guide
  51. Ohio State University brand guidelines
  52. Ohio University brand standards
  53. Oregon State University brand identity guidelines
  54. Pacific University brand standards (PDF)
  55. Pearson brand guidelines (PDF)
  56. Penguin logo guidelines
  57. Princeton University graphic identity
  58. PRSA guidelines & logos
  59. Redfern brand identity guidelines (PDF)
  60. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College style guide
  61. Santa brand book
  62. Sapo (PDF, in Portuguese)
  63. Skype brand book
  64. The Beano Comic brand guidelines (PDF)
  65. The Scout Association brand guidelines (PDF)
  66. The University of Texas brand guidelines
  67. Twitter brand assets and guidelines
  68. Uber brand guide
  69. Ubuntu brand guidelines
  70. University of Arkansas style guides and logos
  71. University of California brand guidelines
  72. University of Cambridge identity guidelines
  73. University of East Anglia brand identity guidelines (PDF)
  74. University of Louisville brand
  75. University of Northern Colorado identity style guide (PDF)
  76. University of Wisconsin-Madison brand identity guidelines
  77. Vanderbilt University graphic standards
  78. Vimeo brand guidelines
  79. Virginia Tech identity standards
  80. Walmart brand center
  81. WordPress logos and graphics
  82. Yale University identity
  83. Yelp styleguide