Designing With Personality: 8 Awesome Case Studies

Designing With Personality: 8 Awesome Case Studies
July 5, 2015 admin

If you’ve ever taken a stride over to our office, you know the sheer amount of samples we have can be overwhelming. Too many people come to us asking for what’s nice, what’s new, what’s trending. The real question should be, what is you?


Flat designs, full page images and minimalism, it’s all the rage nowadays. What will make the difference between the good and the great is the connection your design makes with people. If you ask me what the best way to make that connection is, i’d say it’s no different than the way you’d make that connection in person, your personality. The key to making your next business card, website or brochure connect with people is to design with personality.


So how do you design with personality? Aarron Walter has mastered the art of designing with personality. Smashing Magazine has published his chapter on how sharing our personality can help us create lasting relationships with users, clients, and customers. Walter begins with a rather strong message: Whether the website is for a client or for yourself, if you’re struggling to find your way, it’s probably because you are starting from the wrong place. The inspiration you seek is not where you think it is. It’s not in a blog post entitled “25 Amazingly Beautiful Websites.” It’s not in your Twitter stream, nor on Facebook. It’s not even on the Web. It’s right there on your seat. It’s you.


I’ve gathered 8 amazing case studies of what it really means to design with personality.

01. Simplicity, Extremely


When the core of your brand is simplicity, it’s best to take it to heart. At STUDIOJQ they believe things should be kept simple, “extremely simple”.  By developing a color palette that is engaging and exciting, the were able to compliment every word of what they stood for.  There’s no doubt that sometimes less is more.

02. Branding the un-brandable

Potwasher Josh

Taking a seemingly un-brandable field of work, and making resemble something mildly professional is no easy task. There’s no mistaking the power of the design created for a seemingly miniscule job title, the pot washer. Sometimes developing a personality take a bit of magic. The color contrasts and playful hand gestures were the stylistic devices, “giving class and charm to a job that is usually considered the most boring of jobs.

03. The proof is in the pudding… design?

Birch & Waite

Take a stroll through the aisles of any grocery store, soon you’ll notice there’s little to differentiate one sauce from the other. When Birch & Waite launched a range of batch-crafted sauces for the professional food service industry, they needed to make an impact. There first step was realizing a creative angle to keep them from being mistaken for the low quality mass produced alternatives.

.04 Swiss Inspiration

Oper Köln

When your brand still speaks of your personality after years, you know you’ve got it right. When the Cologne Opera developed this apparently swiss inspired brand design, they created a long lasting trademark that was retained even after the reopening in 2015. This clearly established brand features a high-contrast colorful experience with unmistakable typographic characters.

.05 Monsters, why not?

Sweet Monsters Co.

This outrages design is only can only be succeeded by and even more outrages company. With a twitter feed that reads “Lock up your back door and run for your life, cause the Sweet Monster are coming.”, you can’t help but be terrified. There’s no doubt this sucrose addicted monster blends so fittingly with the personality of Sweet Monsters Co., A Brazilian company that specialises in American milkshakes and Belgian waffles.

.06 Clean & Balanced

Taylor Made

Ok, they don’t really exists, but if they did they’d pride themselves in 150 years of fine products and expert craftsmanship. “As with any well dressed client that walks out the doors of Tailor Made is aware; the secret to looking sharp is keeping clean and balancing out their outfits”. This logo could have walked in through the doors of this shop looking as sharp as ever. They literally fitted this logo’s typeface in a suit, personifying the identity of this business.

.07 Recycled, hand-made, natural


Find your core personality takes introspection. ChickChirik is  gift registry project founded to make gift giving easy. This isn’t exactly a new idea, but what does make them unique is array packaging supplies made from kraft paper and jute that’s “recycled, hand-made, natural soft to the touch and create a feeling of warmth”. This uniquely design packaging enhances

that experience exactly.


.08 Warm & Easy Approach


Vanguard and the warm easy approach, although not what you typically expect from a real estate company, Levante has set out to do just that. This minimalist approach and typographical selection on it’s own does the job, but once it’s combined with cardinal point inspired symbol, you get an irrevocably personal touch.