Artwork Dos and Don’ts


Artwork Dos and Don'ts

  • Tip #1 – Bleed line, safe line, and cut line

    All important text, images and logos should be in the box, otherwise it could get cut off.

    This is where we will try to cut the business card. It is normal for the paper to shift during cutting.

    We cut the bleed area off your cards to avoid white strips on the edge. Extend any images or background colors to fill this area.

  • Tip #2 – Alignment and Color Matching

    What you see on your screen is often different than what you see on paper. That’s because your screen is backlit and paper is not. Expect screen colors to appear duller, lacking in contrast, and variances in color shades when printed.

    The paper will slightly move during the cutting process which will affect the alignment of your final print. This is normal in the printing process. The alignment of your artwork on the paper may vary within the tolerable margin of error. Adding a bleed to your artwork, avoiding using borders, and keeping all important elements within the safe area will keep your artwork legible even if there is a shift.

  • Tip #3 – Avoid using borders

    In general we suggest avoiding borders, as they can come out lopsided or uneven. If you want to use a border, we recommend extending it at least 2mm within the safe area. This is to make sure that any inaccuracy during the cutting process is less noticeable.



  • Tip #4 – Make sure your artwork is the right size

    Make sure your design is the right size. If it doesn’t fit in our template resize your artwork



  • Tip #5 – Make sure your artwork is the right resolution

    If your design looks blocky on screen, or you see a low resolution warning on your proof, you need to submit a high resolution version.